Scarlet Devil Mansion

About Me


Hi! I’m Alexa, aka Remilia. I’m a geeky disabled goth lady who uses Linux as her main OS, and someone who writes computer programs, writes music, and builds levels for Doom and Quake, all as hobbies. I’m also quite obsessed with Touhou Project and industrial music, and tend to name projects and computers after anime girls.

I started building levels for Doom all the way back around 1995 or so. At first I used DEU (and later a slightly customized version called KillEd) to design my levels, but these days I use a mix of Eureka and Ultimate Doom Builder. Most of my maps tend to be atmospheric, and “are known to blend Doom and Quake design sensibilities.” You can find all of my Doom maps (and my small number of Quake maps) here on my site.

Programming is something I’ve always been interested in. Common Lisp and Crystal tend to be my preferred languages. My dabbling in Common Lisp started around 2005 or so, while my use of Crystal started around 2019.

I studied both Computer Science and Japanese during college from 2002 to 2010. I technically do not have a degree in either, though I completed nearly all of my credits. It is what it is.

I do not work anymore, so if you like what I do and want to support my projects, please consider buying me a Ko-Fi through the link on the left! It means a lot to me ^_^