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MDCat is like cat, but it pretty-prints Markdown text.

Source Code Repository

Configuration File

An optional configuration file can be located in one of these three locations (in order of precedence):

  1. $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mdcat/mdcat.ini
  2. $HOME/.config/mdcat/mdcat.ini
  3. /etc/mdcat.ini

The configuration file uses a plain INI format. Unknown keys are ignored. Here is a sample configuration file with all the valid keys, as well as the defaults:

```ini [colors] blockQuote = BrightBlack thematicBreak = BrightBlack codeBlockColor = BrightGreen htmlColor = BrightBlack linkColor = Cyan inlineCodeColor = Yellow

h1 = Green h2 = Magenta h3 = Cyan h4 = Red h5 = Blue h6 = Default ```

Current Limitations

These are some known limitations for MDCat: