Scarlet Devil Mansion


Haematite is a SoundFont MIDI synthesizer library written entirely in Crystal. This is a port of the excellent MeltySynth by Sinshu, expanded with new features. There is also my equivalent library for Common Lisp, CL-MeltySynth.

Source Code Repository

Documentation for the library can be found here.

Example videos

These were all played using midi123, my command-line MIDI player that uses Haematite.

Sonic the Hedgehog;’s Green Hill Zone by Masato Nakamura Warcraft 2’s “Human 2” by Glenn Stafford Sonic the Hedgehog’s “Spring Yard Zone” by Masato Nakamura Rise of The Triad’s “Smoke and Mirros” by Lee Jackson Mega Man 2’s “Airman” by Takashi Tateishi