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Benben is a command line VGM player and VGM->WAV converter for Linux that uses my YunoSynth library for its VGM playback engine. It is written entirely in the Crystal programming language.

Source Code Repository Releases, including Linux x86-64 AppImage downloads

Example videos

This example includes added reverb to show off the reverb effect:

Example Usage

# Play a VGM file and stop after it finishes
$ benben "Cool Song.vgz"

# Play a VGM and loop twice
$ benben --loop 2 "Another Cool Song.vgz"

# Render multiple VGM files to WAVs in parallel
$ benben --render *.vgz

# Show the help information
$ benben --help

# Show version information
$ benben --version

# List reverb presets for "MVerb"
$ benben --reverb-type mverb --reverb-preset list

Notable Features