Scarlet Devil Mansion


(what’s a “now” page?)

These are some things I’m currently working on.

Partition 36

I’m getting back into writing music! I’ve recently uploaded most of my back catalog to Bandcamp, and have started working on new material.


Benben is a high performance VGM player and VGM->WAV/Au converter for *nix operating systems. This and its companion library, YunoSynth, are currently my main projects. Both are written entirely in Crystal.

Aya Gemini Server

I’m working on expanding the feature set and performance of my Gemini server, Aya. Besides being ported to Common Lisp, I have plans to add support for the Titan protocol to it.

Updating This Site

I’m in the process of migrating from my old homepages (which aren’t online anymore) to this site. Part of this involves figuring out a way to keep this site and my Gemini site both in-sync as far as content goes.